Education app of the week: Squeebles for iPad

This week we’re looking at Squeebles, a series of apps developed to test primary kids in areas including maths and spelling. Their cute visuals and engaging games have won them rave reviews across the web and with our education consultants (especially with the team’s kids themselves…)

What is Squeebles for iPad?

Squeebles (KeyStageFun, various pricing) are educational apps for numeracy and literacy, aimed at five to 11-year-olds. Pupils must complete various spelling, multiplication and division activities which can be customised by a teacher or parent, and are rewarded with a game afterwards. The Squeebles series includes Squeebles Times Tables 2, Division 2, Maths Race, Maths Bingo, Addition & Subtraction, Fractions and Spelling Test. Rather than just looking at one app, we’ve decided to feature the whole lot, as they all complement each other nicely.

Squeebles for iPad

How does it benefit the classroom?

Numeracy and literacy might not sound like the most engaging topics for Key Stage 1 level kids, but rest assured the developers have really gone to town on making the apps as fun as possible. The friendly interface and cast of fun characters, along with mini games that children get to play if they do well in the test sections, help to give motivation and encouragement to pupils. It all makes for a very interactive environment and learning experience that attracts repeated plays.

What’s the best feature?

We’re going to plump for Squeebles Spelling Test as our standout feature. This spelling app allows parents and teachers to create and manage an unlimited number of customised spelling tests for an unlimited number of users. The whole premise is that the Spelling Snake has taken a number of squeebles (the app’s animated characters) hostage and won’t release them until kids complete spelling tests. You earn stars, power-ups and more for the game while completing their tests. Great fun!

How can I get it?

All the Squeebles apps are available to download individually, or you can get the full Squeebles Bundle (KeyStageFun, £10.49) from the App Store or iTunes. Priced between £1.49 and £2.99 for each app on its own, you do make quite a significant saving by buying the seven app bundle (£10.49 rather than £14.23).

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