Managing your Mac estates made easy

While you may have your PC files in perfect order, managing a Mac estate can seem like a daunting task. Luckily, our tech support team can sort all that out for you. Here’s a quick overview of our Mac estate management service.

If you’re thinking of incorporating Mac computers into your organisation, or have a minority of users already working on them while the rest of the workforce stays PC, you’ve probably had to give some consideration to how you’re going to manage your Mac estate to make sure that everyone has equally reliable access to the information they need, and that you’re in a position to control and manage it effectively and with ease.

One of the most common issues in mixed platform environments is Mac users finding that they can’t access files stored on Windows servers, with the files in question showing up as greyed out and inaccessible (or, if you have a slightly more melodramatic machine, as corrupt).

Happily, a number of people have decided that they don’t want to put up with this anymore, and a number of products are available to help you sort out specific issues. We can provide a solution that meets your requirements, so that managing Mac estates alongside a PC environment isn’t that much of a headache. But that won’t do you much good unless your team are au fait with Apple kit. That’s where our guys come in.

If you just want some backup assistance, our tailored support contracts can include management of your entire Mac estate, whether these are integrated with PC ones or kept isolated. As well as providing this as a managed service (meaning there’s no impact whatsoever on your tech team), we can troubleshoot and handle end user queries, either as part of your team and ticketing system or using our own in-house helpdesk service.

And if you’d prefer to bring file management in house over time, we can provide training for your first line staff, both on best practice and on specific management tools. Whatever challenges you have with your Mac estate, we are here to help.

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