Weekly design inspiration: Branding, origami and twisted Disney

This week we’ve turned our attention to Adobe’s social network and creative sharing hub Behance for our inspiration. We love how easy it is to search for quick inspiration when you’re having a momentary blank. We could happily spend all of our Friday afternoon on Behance, but we’ve restrained ourselves and selected our top five projects to share with you this week – we’ve got plenty of branding ideas, origami, wonderful drawings and of course, twisted Disney…

Fish and chips branding

First up, we all agree on how lovely this project from STUDIOJQ is. It developed after they grew tired of the outdated branding of their local chippy and decided to visualise how they would make it look better. They’ve come up with their own logo, packaging and signage for the chippy (which we definitely think they should pitch to the owners). We are particularly fond of the fetching rubber stamp and the icon based logos. The packaging is lovely too, really great work – we aren’t at all craving a battered cod right now.

Fish and chips branding from STUIDOJQ via Behance.

Google Maps origami

If you ever need a good way to store a map, we’d recommend you check out this Google Maps origami project. The purpose was to encourage smaller businesses to register on Google, so naturally B.A.Bakken made an origami pineapple out of a map. Part one of the project focuses on the shapes being created, with the aim to produce items popularly found in various small businesses (how did lobsters make the cut?). Part two of the project focussed on adding colour and incorporating maps onto the designs. Quite frankly, who knew a map would look so fetching in the shape of a pineapple? We can’t wait to see what part three is going to look like.

Google Maps origami by B.A.Bakken via Behance part one

Google Maps origami by B.A.Bakken via Behance part two

Identity crisis

This next piece took us all back to a few years ago when the Logo Quiz app was in full swing. This project from London based Alvin Ofori-Brown is made up of a collection of popular logos that have been switched with their competitors’ logos. This is certainly harder to explain than it is to look at, so we’ll leave you with the real thing – go get yourselves an afternoon hot beverage and try to work out which company logos have been switched…

Identity crisis by Alvin Ofori-Brown via Behance

Distroy Disney

As much as we think original Disney is fantastic, we can’t help but be amazed and a little intrigued by these slightly twisted and dark collections of pencil drawings of popular Disney characters from PEZ Artwork. The hardcore look certainly suits Buzz Lightyear, but I will forever more be haunted by that Krusty the Clown.

Distroy by PEZ Artwork via Behance part 1

Distroy by PEZ Artwork via Behance part 2

Hand-drawn owls

If I was wearing a hat I would doff it to London based illustrator Greg Coulton for his stunning drawings of owls, which were commissioned for Hoot Watches. The detail in these drawings is staggering – especially the ‘Great Horned Owl’. The drawings on their own are beautiful; we almost think they’re too good to be used on the packaging for a watch – we want it on wallpaper! If owls aren’t your thing, Greg has also done a wonderful fox called Rebecca who is just lovely too.

Hoot Watch owls by Greg Coulton via Behance

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Drop back in next Friday to see more inspiration from our design team. In the meantime, check out Behance for a quick fix of inspiration. Found something you think should have made it into the list? Pop it in the comments box below. For all the latest news and tips, follow @WeAreJigsaw24 on Twitter or ‘Like’ us on Facebook.




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