How to promote products in-store with iPad and basic AV

So you want to use iPad to promote your products in-store? We’ve already shown you the ins and outs of Guided Access (check out our article ‘How to use Guided Access to turn your iPad into an in-store kiosk‘ for a recap), but now we’ll show you a really quick, easy and free way to use your iPad and Apple ecosystem to promote key products.

Using just Apple’s Keynote app and some basic presentation editing skills, you can turn your iPad into either a kiosk running in-store product promotions, or use it to create and stream content through an Apple TV to any screen or digital display you have on the shop floor.

What will I need?

Before you start, there are a few things you’ll need: 1. An iPad, 2. the free Keynote app downloaded to said iPad, 3. some physical security for your iPad if you’re going to be using it as a kiosk – we’re big fans of Bouncepad’s solutions for this, 4. an Apple TV if you’re going to be streaming to a screen (as well as a decent wireless network, naturally), 5. a good quality Americano (the way to start any task, we’ve found).

Got it. Now what?

Now you have all the essentials, you can start creating the content that’s going to promote your products either on the iPad kiosk or on your in-store screen. Here are our very basic steps for what to do next:

– Start by getting an image of the product you want to promote. Either from your own assets directory, or by taking a picture using your iPad Camera app.

– Open up Keynote (if you haven’t downloaded this already, retrace your steps back to ‘What will I need?’).

– If you’ve created a branded template in Keynote previously, that’s great – we can use that. If not, create a slide with your branding, and arrange content to allow for an image of your product, promo price and advert messaging.

– Import your product image.

– Add your promotion text.

– Now we can get funky with some transitions. Add your choice of transition to the slide (fire effects are always good, but use Magic Move if you really want to show off!).

– You’ll want to set the timing of the transitions between slides to your needs too (eg XXXseconds after the transition of the previous slide, with XXXsecond delay).

– Go to Tools > Advanced > Presentation Type > then set to Loop Presentation, so your content will automatically repeat once it gets to the end.

– Now, duplicate the first slide you made, and add more images for products.

– That’s it. Now you can tap Play to start the presentation. Remember you’ll need to sync up to the Apple TV if you’re throwing your presentation to a screen on the shop floor, and you’ll need to have Guided Access enabled if you’re using it as an iPad-based kiosk.


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