How are creative departments currently using Mac in business?

You might not be that surprised that the majority of those who filled in our Apple in business survey 2014 who described themselves as ‘creatives’ were already pretty au fait with Apple. (A massive 96.92% of respondents said they use Apple devices on a day to day basis.) But you will be interested in just how they’re using their tech, especially if you’re a creative company or have your own in-house creative team. 

Whereas our 2013 survey focused purely on business, this year we reached out to creative businesses too, to see if their usage differed from those businesses offering core services like manufacturing and retail. You can download the in-depth (yet utterly absorbing) whitepaper below if you want the full run-down of responses, but we’ve taken the executive summary from the creative section, which picks out the highlights.

Which devices are being used for business?

In contrast to the business sector, over 90% of respondents still use a desktop computer as their day to day working device, although the vast majority combined this with a laptop or smartphone. Less than a third of companies have a formal bring your own device policy, but 65% of respondents reported using a personally owned device for work outside of formal business policy.

The few respondents who did not use Apple machines as their primary work device all worked in 3D animation or visual effects (VFX), where PC-optimised software dominates.

What are these devices being used for?

As in the business sector, mobile devices were primarily used for organisation and productivity tasks, with the majority of creative work taking place on iMac or MacBook notebooks. However, 38% of respondents feel the amount of work they create on mobile devices has increased over the last 18 months.

Perception of Apple devices

79.03% of Apple users strongly agreed that ‘It is easy to integrate Apple products into my workplace.’ Apple machines are perceived as integrating well with back end systems, clients’ systems and suppliers. Again, the percentage of respondents who knew that Mac computers could run Windows was extremely high, but there were concerns about Mac computers’ ability to run role-specific PC software.

Almost 90% felt that they would not encounter internal resistance to using more Apple products, and the vast majority agreed that the synergy between OS X and iOS were beneficial.

Barriers to adoption

Barriers were generally less pronounced than in the business sector, though Apple devices are still considered relatively expensive. While many users agreed that Apple was easy to integrate into their business and knew Mac computers could run Windows software, there were concerns that Mac computers could not run role-specific software and that it would be difficult and time-consuming to change platforms.

Mobile working and delivery

38.98% reported an upturn in the amount of content they’ve had to optimise for mobile devices over the last 18 months, and over half of respondents had increased the amount of content they delivered to clients and colleagues over the cloud. 41.37% agree that they are using more mobile applications than before, even if people are using them for organisational rather than creative work.


– Want to get your teeth into the full survey results? Download the whitepaper, ‘The Jigsaw24 Apple in business survey 2014: The results’ here.

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