Yosemite Mac tip of the month: Add signatures to emails and docs

This month, we’re looking at how to quickly create and add signatures (proper hand-written signatures, not just an HTML sign-off) to documents like letters, as well as emails. With so many of us using Macs for composing emails and letters, this is a great way to add a bit more professionalism to our correspondence. 

Add your personal signature to a letter

– Open your letter (Pages document etc).

– Go to Tools in your toolbar, then Annotate, then all the way to the bottom to Signature, and click on Manage Signatures.

– Up will pop a dialogue box which lets you draw your own personal signature using your TrackPad.

– Click to begin, then sign in the box using your finger. (We found you might want to practise a few times before you get it just right!)

– Press any button to set your signature and click Done.

– Drag and drop your signature into your layout, and go document-signing crazy!

Add your personal signature to an email

If you add a graphic or document to a New Message in Mail, you can also sign it from directly within the client. Click on the TrackPad icon that’s in the annotation tools for attachments and use the same steps as above.

The only downside with this feature is that you can only currently sign a graphic or a PDF, rather than just signing a blank email with your finger, which would be very cool. We’d suggest creating your signature graphic first, then just dragging and dropping into your message.

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