Top 5 things we learned from our Apple in business survey 2014

With the shape of technology in business changing a lot recently (new Mac and iPhone releases chief among them), this year’s Apple in business survey threw up some very interesting results. You can download our full whitepaper below, but for a snack-sized snapshot of some of the most surprising stats, here we present our top 5 findings…

Just as a bit of background before we dive in, this year’s survey was distributed to a database of our business and design and publishing customers. They were asked to self-define whether they worked for a core or creative company – 64.34% chose creative, while 36.43% chose core. Of our core business respondents, 96.97% said they used Apple on a day to day basis, as did 96.92% of the respondents in creative companies.

1. Smartphones still supreme, desktops down

We asked respondents what devices they were using on a day to day basis. These days, the smartphone is ubiquitous, but we were surprised to see just how their use compared to tablets, laptops and desktop machines. For business, 84.85% of those surveyed used them daily. 69.7% used tablets every day. 75.76% use laptops or notebooks, and only 66.67% of respondents said they use desktop computers daily.

Conversely for creatives, desktop use is far higher, with more processor-intensive applications requiring the muscle of a workstation. 93.85% of respondents used desktop computers every day – more than use smartphones every day (89.23%). 75.38% use laptops or notebooks, and 63.08% use tablets on a daily basis.

2. Apple continues to grow

96.97% of respondents in business use an Apple device on a day to day basis which is an increase on the 90.91% of respondents in our 2013 Apple in business survey. The figure for creatives is also now very similar, with 96.92% of participants using Apple devices on a day to day basis. Of course, as an Apple reseller, we would expect to see quite high Apple usage figures from the participants we sell and market to.

The 3.18% who did not use Apple products on a daily basis all worked in 3D animation or VFX, areas where PC-optimised software dominates.

3. Making more of mobile

The creatives we surveyed found they had definitely seen an upturn in mobile content delivery. 38.98% reported an upturn in the amount of content they’ve had to optimise for mobile devices over the last 18 months, and over half of respondents had increased the amount of content they delivered to clients and colleagues over the cloud. 41.37% agree that they are using more mobile applications than before, even if previous answers have shown that they’re unlikely to be using them for creative work.

4. Apps on the up

We’ve seen a huge rise in businesses wanting their own bespoke app in the past couple of years, especially with better device management solutions coming to the fore, and have grown our own app development arm to help accommodate them. Our survey showed that 25% of companies now have their own in-house app, compared with just 7% last year. However, 5% of users remain unsure whether their business has a custom app or not, which could indicate that end users are not aware of the extent to which corporate IT are controlling their devices, and the extent to which third party solutions are being used.

5. Compatibility causes concern

Compatibility has long been an issue with businesses, especially those working in a mixed platform environment. When business users were asked what they thought the barriers preventing their businesses from rolling out more Apple devices were, 33% of participants cited ‘I would need to guarantee that my work was compatible with Windows-based colleagues’ as their main concern, with 29.17% choosing ‘I use platform-specific software’ and ‘I would need to guarantee that my work was compatible with clients’ machines’.

For creatives, the barriers were generally less pronounced than in the business sector. Only 30% agreed that ‘staff are used to a Windows environment’, with 61.67% disagreeing and 8.33% unsure. 28.34% agreed that ‘we need specialist software that cannot run on Apple computers’ – surprising given the number of participants who said they were aware that Macs could run Windows software, and potentially highlights continuing concerns about the power and reliability of virtual PCs.


– This is just a small insight into our findings. If you’d like to peruse the whole lot, download our Apple in business survey 2015 whitepaper here.

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