Weekly design Inspiration: Penguin jumpers, hamster love and CD corpses

This week we’ve gone through all the emotions with our inspiration. We’ve got Valentines day and Friday the 13th to contend with and we find our inspiration as a mix of the cute and the slightly disturbing. We’re serving up penguins in jumpers, hamster love and dead people made from CDs…

Penguins in jumpers

The only thing more adorable than a penguin in a jumper is a 109-year-old man knitting the jumpers. Alfie Date is the oldest man in Australia, who spends his days knitting jumpers for injured penguins. He is too cute, we can’t cope, we want him to be our adoptive granddad. If knitting is your thing and you fancy doing your bit for charity – here’s the link to the Penguin Foundation website, where you can find out more about knitting for nature.

Australia’s oldest person knits jumpers for penguins via telegraph.co.uk.

Tiny Hamster’s tiny date

Sticking with the cuddly animal theme… Happy Valentines day one and all – here’s two hamsters getting in to the spirit of romance. Chivalry certainly isn’t dead for rodents.


Tiny Hamster’s tiny date via YouTube.


Brightening up London Children’s hospital

Vital Arts is an organisation for Barts Health NHS Trust, which works to make hospitals a more welcoming place for children through the use of art. The art work is completely charming, we can see why it’s made the hospital seem a far less frightening and stressful place. Our favourite place is the Trauma and Gastroenterology Ward by Morag Myerscough (there’s a sentence we never thought we’d say). The combination of work from different artists creates a really lovely mix – I’d quite like a curtain around my bed at home like the scenic ones they have in the wards. Take a look at the full range of artwork commission for this project here – it’s magical.

London Children’s hospital art via Buzzfeed.com

Piracy Project

Now we’ve got the nice sentimental stuff out of the way, we’d like to present dead musicians made from their own records. Italian designers Mirco Pagano and Moreno De Turco have created this amazing ‘Piracy Project’ ad campaign against internet piracy, by creating musical icons with their ‘greatest hits’ CDs. We really appreciated this piece after spending several minutes discussing Valentines day.

Piracy Project by Mirco Pagano & Moreno De Turco via abduzeedo.com

New Norwegian Currency and a fake Hungarian Euro

We’ve got an interesting little currency theme going on here. We’re keen on the new Norwegian currency which features a water themed-illustration on one side (we like the Viking ships) and then a pixelated version on the reverse. It’s little additions like the higher the denomination of the note, the more pixelated the image becomes, that make our currency seem so ordinary. If we suddenly open up an office in Norway – you know why.

New Norwegian currency via norges-bank.no

In contrast, Barbara Bernát has designed her own paper version of a mythical Hungarian Euro. It’s a shame this isn’t an actual currency – it’s really lovely, who wouldn’t want to pay for their goods with a €20 hooded crow?

Hungarian Euro via Behance

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