Weekly design inspiration: Paper animals, hidden brands and cone art

Now that February is upon us and we’ve finally made it through our dry January, we’ve gone for a more light-hearted theme for our inspiration this week. We’ve got paper mammals, animals in cones and an amazing new app that allows volunteers to act as the eyes for the blind…

Life sized Paper mammals

First up, we’ve been enjoying this series of life sized paper animals from Estudio Guardabosques. Originally this project started out as an installation for a Decoupage Art Show entrance, as a series of life-sized, cardboard models of some of Argentina’s endangered species. We love these original models, especially how they blend in with their surroundings in full chameleon style camouflage. But we equally love the next stage of the project, where the animals adopt full colour – just look at that spectacled bear. *This would be a great addition to supermarket entrances as somewhere to leave children (or even fully grown adults) to play.

Paper animals by Estudio Guardabosques via Behance

Logos with hidden messaging

It’s been an educational week for us all, after learning that there’s a hidden arrow in the FedEx logo between the E and x – we’re still getting over this news. We love this collection of logos with hidden messaging, although I still can’t find the bear in the Toblerone logo. We’re now looking for ways to hide a zebra in our logo.

 Logos with hidden messages via Pinterest

Lend your eyes to the blind

Even if eyes creep you out – you can still get involved with this genius new app. ‘Be My Eyes’ is an app that connects blind people with volunteer helpers from around the world via live video chat. You act as a pair of eyes for a blind person and help them out with everyday tasks like checking the sell by dates on products and reading the mail. We love the video that accompanies this app, it nearly made us weep.

Be My Eyes app by bemyeyes.org

Cone art

Naturally, the correct reaction when your pet is injured is to deface the extremely flattering plastic cone they have to wear, to make them look more like Batman. We love how immature this series is – who doesn’t love a dog dressed up like a Martini? Just because we spent a good ten minutes giggling over these pictures, we thought this deserved a place in our weekly inspiration.

Cone Art via stumbleupon.com

Seebuehne Theatre, Austria

Spending an evening watching the opera on a stage floating on Lake Constance in Austria can only be described as magical. We have no idea how this stage exists, floats or how it can be individually designed and put together to look so completely different, but we’re still amazed by it.

The Floating Opera Stage of the Bregenz Festival, Austria via entertainmentdesigner.com

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