Weekly design inspiration: Moss art, New York photography and miniature cities

We moaned last week about our disappointment over the lack of snow, but this week we find ourselves moaning when our cars struggle to make it through the slush to the top of the hill to the office. Here’s what’s been getting our creative team through the snowy week. We’ve got some epic pictures of the New York skyline, cities on food and moss. You have to read it to believe it…

Moss graffiti

Yep, you read right, this week we’re feeling inspired by moss. And why not? If you find your cupboards are overly stocked with buttermilk, yoghurt, sugar and corn syrup and you’ve got an overwhelmingly large supply of moss, then here’s the perfect solution to use it up. Blend together the above ingredients (moss included) and you’ve made yourself the perfect moss paste to start painting with. Here are a few examples of our favourite works of moss. Rumour has it beer works just as well as water to make your mixture – but realistically, who has beer to waste on moss paintings?

Google ‘moss graffiti’ and this is what happens.

New York skyline

Photographer Vincent Laforet has provided us with some serious ‘gasp’ moments this week with his stunning series of images of the New York skyline, taken from leaning out of an open door of a helicopter 7,500 feet over New York City during the night. I don’t think we need to say any more, other than you must check out his photos – they’re unbelievably amazing.


‘From Above’ by Vincent Laforet

Miniature cities on food

This collaboration from illustrator Bea Crespo and photographer Andrea Portoles sees popular food combined with the area it’s famously associated with. They release a new image every two weeks, sadly, there’s not yet a Nottingham one. But there are ones for Dublin, London and Rome that we think are utterly adorable!

Miniature cities pop up on the food that are iconic of them via designtaxi.com

The best Christmas card EVER

Are we really early for Christmas 2015 or really late with Christmas 2014? Either way, we’re loving this Christmas card from Bird Box Studio that’s the all singing, all dancing card we always dreamed of receiving. Genuinely, this would keep us entertained for hours.

Bird Box Christmas card by Bird Box Studio

Magic carpets made from rubbish

We really will never look at an empty plastic bottle the same way again. Bob, Marcia and Stijn are a trio of Amsterdam-based artists that take ordinary, everyday objects and make them into carpets. Judging by the amount of rubbish down the sides of the A610 in Nottingham, we’d be able to make a pretty good carpet. Our favourites in this collection are the pasta carpet and cup carpet – these guys have certainly given Phoebe from friends a run for her money for the most creative use for a cup.

The incredible magic carpets of everyday junk via messynessychic.com

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