Weekly design inspiration: Straw robots, AprilZero and 365 cartoons

This week we’ve all been feeling pretty blue, with the promise of snow that never showed up leaving us disappointed and dragging our feet through slush. So here’s a taster of our favourite design inspirations that have had us feeling motivated and ready to take on our work. We’ve got straw robots, 1-second animations and an inspirational fitness website – don’t forget to send us yours!

Build Quirkbot robots with drinking straws

Quirkbot robots are hackablele toys for children, that can be built from drinking straws, LEDs and hobby motors – that kids can programme through the kids hack days website. We are loving the hula girl quirkbots! If only these could be programmed to do our work for us… leaving us free to play with straws.


In true January style, we’re liking this fitness site by Anand Sharma. Anand’s site monitors everything he does and everywhere he goes, including his running routes, heart rate, steps walked and weight. We like the slick and clean website design, but aren’t so keen on how fit this guy is. If i did one of these, i’d definitely run far less, take far fewer steps and consume way more burritos.

AprilZero.com by Anand Sharma

Funky doodles that interact with every day objects

This collection of illustrated characters interacting with everyday objects by cartoonist Manik N Ratan has given us a whole new perspective and way of keeping ourselves occupied in really long, boring highly important and fascinating meetings. Now if someone could provide us with some Lego, like they do in the waiting rooms of dentists, for us to doodle around, that’d be great. 

Funny doodles that interact with everyday objects by Manik N Ratan.

365: a one-second cartoon for every day of the year

If only we had the time or patience to do something like this. The Brothers McLeod have produced this amazing short animation that comprises of a short second-long animation for every day of 2013. There’s no logic, relevance or narrative to the compilation – but that’s why we love it. We find ourselves trying to tell our own little story while watching it, somewhat struggling with making the sequence of a flying unicorn, frozen body parts, wolf, rainbows and a circus not turn into a seriously twisted fairy-tale.

‘365’, A short animation compilation comprised of a one-second cartoon for every day of the year, via laughingsquid.com.

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