BETT 2015: SWOT analysis of school infrastructure

Now that BETT is in full swing, we thought we’d address another one of our key topics we’ll be discussing down at the ExCeL arena this week. We’ve been looking at the effect that poor WiFi and IT infrastructure has upon schools and student learning. We’ll be ‘swot’-ing up and looking at the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that schools are faced with on a daily basis, with their IT infrastructure.

You might not be aware of the impact that poor IT infrastructure can have upon your students. But whether you’re a primary or secondary school, higher or further education institution, keeping up with your tech is vital. Here’s why…

What is IT infrastructure?

When we’re talking IT infrastructure we’re referring to all the hardware, software, networks and facilities in your school that are used to develop, test, deliver, monitor, control or support your IT services. Simply, if it has a wire or some flashing lights, it’s probably part of your IT infrastructure.

Why it’s good to keep your IT infrastructure up to date:

Let’s draw a hypothetical picture and go on a journey. If your IT infrastructure is feeling slightly neglected, you might find that your WiFi is running slower, meaning it’s taking longer for your students to access the sites and the work they need in lessons, leading to a lapse in concentration and a negative impact upon their classwork. Rewind and let’s think about a school with tip-top infrastructure: fast, secure WiFi and managed classroom devices which restrict what content students can and can’t access, to keep them safe online. In this setup, students are more focused because the content they need to access loads quickly, meaning no lapse in concentration and a more engaged classroom.

IT infrastructure isn’t just confined to the state of your WiFi, it also concerns general infrastructure like storage availability. By providing your students (and staff) with plenty of secure storage, you’re encouraging your students that there’s room for all of their ideas. Realistically, there’s no point in investing in new devices like tablets, laptops, desktop computers, 3D printers or interactive touchscreen displays (to name a few) if your school isn’t ready for it. So by ensuring that your infrastructure can support all your existing and any new devices, you’re creating an environment within your school to inspire staff and students’ learning. 

What if tech isn’t really your thing?

Updating your school’s IT infrastructure can seem like a daunting prospect, especially if you’re not clued up on technology. Knowing which solution to go for and the added budget worry of trying to keep costs down can seem even more of a challenge. The solution: finding an education service provider that can come into your school, map out your current infrastructure and provide you with a report, which you can then use to come up with a sensible solution.

Take a look at our range of WiFi for education and managed services here, to see how we could help you close the void in learning with mobile technology due to poor WiFi. Our services and solutions can set you up with faster, more reliable WiFi, mobile device management to keep your students safe online, a secure network so you can get a full overview of what your students can access and plenty of storage.

Good IT infrastructure opens all kinds of doors…

It’s all good and well us stating these things, but let’s look at some stats. According to BBC research, almost 70% of primary and secondary schools in the UK are now using tablet computers, so it’s hardly surprising to hear that £250million a year is being spent by schools on new technology. Taking this into consideration, it would be worthwhile making sure you have a good foundation in which to introduce your new technology. WiFi coverage, server capacity and access point intelligence are just a few of the things you need to consider if the future of classrooms ‘is about access anywhere learning and collaboration, both locally and globally.

Take a look at our ‘classroom of the future’ to see what technologies we recommend and how we can help you implement them into your schools.

Online safety

The safety of children online has been a key theme in the news lately. Cyber bullying and false identities seem to be everywhere, and this is obviously a cause for concern for any school looking to introduce technology and more online accessibility for their students. When thinking about your infrastructure it’s worth thinking about mobile device management solutions like JAMF software Casper Suite and Lightspeed Systems’ MDM tool, which allow you to look after your mobile devices and restrict what content staff and students have access to. With proper device management in place, online threats can be reduced, managed and prevented.

Give us a call, or drop in to see us at BETT for more information about future-proofing your IT infrastructure.

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