Video: Five minutes with the Sony FS700

Ever since seeing Sony’s super slow motion FS700 at NAB, we’ve wanted a go. Today, video consultant James Graham finally got his chance, managing to give Sony’s product specialists the slip and make off with their pre-production model for five glorious minutes.

The result? A “contemplative” study of moving water at 200, 400 and 800 frames per second. It’s not a full demo in that we didn’t have time to try out all the features and really put the camera through its paces, but if you’ve been hankering for a look at the headline feature, hanker no longer.

“It’s clear from this footage that no matter what speed you want to shoot at, if you work hard, you can make the frame rate work for you,” said James afterward. “Granted, you take a hit in quality when you get up to 400 fps and then more so when you hit 800 fps, but if you play to the camera’s strengths and stylise your work, you can make even the top end work for you.¬†Where the camera really lights up is at 200 fps, and I think that’s the sweet spot we’ll see a lot of slow motion shots coming in at in the coming year.

“I think where the FS700 excels over some of the other 35mm digital cameras around its price point is the fact that it lets you use all your imagination to achieve your goals; it doesn’t hem you in at all. You can use almost any lens, almost any modern external recorder and now, shoot at a much wider range of frame rates.”

Those of you who’ve pre-ordered an FS700 will be happy to hear it’ll be with you in a couple of weeks, and on our shelves from mid-July. You can order yours here on our website.

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