Business app of the month: Glisser for iPad

We can all agree that business presentations are sometimes not the most engaging way to get ideas and pitches across to clients and colleagues. So we were pretty excited when we stumbled across Glisser for iPad, an app which promises to ‘socialise’ your presentations, adding extra levels of audience interaction and turning you into a presentation powerhouse. 

What is it?

Glisser (Glisser Ltd, free) converts your regular PowerPoint or Keynote presentations so you can present from your iPad, and your audience can receive the slides direct to their device in realtime. As well as delivering your presentation to your audience, Glisser also lets you add in social features including slide-by-slide ‘like’ voting, live audience questions, Twitter feeds, polling and feedback, all from your original slide deck. This social interaction means your audience can voice their opinions during the presentation, making for a richer and more involving experience.

Glisser for iPad

How does it work?

Starting with your regular slide deck, Glisser then converts this into a format that can be pushed out to audience mobile devices, one slide at a time. You can then add all your interactive features like voting, questions, comments, polls and tweets. Attendees will need the Glisser app on iPad (or iPhone), but this is free to download and create an account. A unique key code is created for your presentation which you hand out to attendees so their device can join. Once everyone’s in, you can start your super-engaging slideshow and get your audience interacting with each slide as you move through the deck. There’s no need for a projector or anything like that.

Who is it for?

Glisser is ideal for any presentation application. We see it as being most effective in a business environment though, where complex ideas and strategies could benefit from a little jazzing up through audience interaction and engagement.

What’s the best feature?

We’re all about analytics and ROI here at Jigsaw24, so our favourite thing about Glisser is probably (quite geekily) the feedback aspect. With the audience interacting with your presentation, you get valuable feedback and information to follow up on with leads, and help you improve your presentation content and presentation skills too. Once the presentation’s over, you can head to Glisser’s website to download an infographic of the audience’s views and responses, as well as exportable data to help with any follow up questions. The audience members themselves also get the slides stored on their iPad for marking up and future reference.

How much and where can I get it?

The Glisser app (Glisser Ltd, free) for iPad is completely free, and it’s also free to set up an account with Glisser to receive feedback from your presentations. You can download it from the App Store or check it out on iTunes.

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