Yosemite Mac tip of the month: Record your iPad screen on Mac

We continue our monthly look at the most useful new features in Mac OS X Yosemite with how to mirror and record your iPad screen on your Mac.

This is fantastic if you want to run through a presentation or process you have on your iPad with colleagues, as you can record everything you’re doing on screen, as well as your voiceover explaining any details, then package it up and share it as one file. here’s how to go about it:

1. To start, simply connect your iPad to your Mac with the USB/Lightning adaptor.

2. Now, open up QuickTime Player from your Mac’s Applications folder, and start a ‘New Movie Recording’ from under the File tab.

3. QuickTime will detect your iPad and should automatically start mirroring your screen. If it’s still showing your Mac’s iSight camera view, however, all you have to do to switch to iPad is click on the little drop down menu next to QuickTime’s record button and click on ‘iPad’ as the input source, instead of ‘FaceTime HD Camera’.

4. Now you can record anything you do on iPad as normal using QuickTime. Just click the record button to start recording.

5. When you’re finished, hit the stop button, and your recording will be saved. You can now export the resulting .mov file by clicking on File > Export, or immediately share the file with clients and colleagues over Email, Messages, AirDrop or a range of social media platforms. Easy!

You’ll also notice that the battery life of your iPad is shown at 100% in the recording, and the carrier (eg EE) is not displayed. This is a clever touch from Apple, especially for business users who may be presenting externally and would prefer not to show those details.

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