Weekly design inspiration: Mind boggling GIFs, Hotel Pantone and a bit of satire

This weeks design inspiration has come in the form of mind boggling GIFs, incredible painting/photograph hybrids, satirical illustrations, the Pantone hotel and a message on a headrest…

Mind boggling GIFs

We’re partial to a good GIF. We’ve even started including them in emails, with our robotic Cyber Monday arms Creative Cloud giraffes. It’s not too much of a surpise then that this week we’ve been feeling inspired and transfixed by Erik Soderberg’s mind boggling GIFs. We dare you to see how long you can stare one down without blinking…

Mind-boggling GIFS via itsnicethat.com

Incredible paintings/photographs

Texan Artist Mark Lovejoy is responsible for these amazing hybrid images, made up of digitally rendered images and photographs of paints, pigment waxes and resins, that have been shot and reshot, manipulated and retouched. We love these images and definitely think these should be made into some sort of wallpaper and plastered all around our office.

Incredible painting/photograph hybrids via itsnicethat.com 

Satirical illustrations

These clever illustrations by British illustrator John Holcroft contain statements from modern western culture. While controversial, we still think they’re great and love the creative mash-up of text and image. Our favourites are the box of Facebook likes, the British high tea and the happiness kit.

Satirical illustrations by 123inspiration

Pantone Hotel

The famous colour swatch company Pantone (which has influenced fashion and design for decades) reached out to the world of hospitality in 2010 and opened the Pantone hotel in Brussels. The hotel sticks to seven colour palettes spread over 59 rooms, and boasts some pretty awesome bedrooms. Awesome hotel, awesome photos.

Pantone Hotel via Co.Design

No message in a bottle here, just a message on a headrest

KLM have joined forces with Schipol Airport, Amsterdam, and have been surprising passengers with personal messages from friends and family on the headrests of their seats as they board flights, which they’re calling ‘cover greetings’. Cute idea, great creativity, slightly creepy concept. Not sure how I feel about approaching people in airports to leave messages for loved ones about to board a plane…

KLM surprise passengers via psfk.com

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