Blue’s Mo-Fi headphones are the best we’ve ever had

This week, we got our hands on a pair of Blue’s supremely accurate, high fidelity powered Mo-Fi headphones. Here’s why we think these are the best consumer headphones ever…

Blue’s Mo-Fi headphones deliver real audiophile performance and sound quality on every device – from professional studio gear to laptops, tablets and even your phone.

Best bits

Featuring a built-in audiophile-grade amplifier to optimally drive the headphones, the Mo-Fis eliminate the mismatch between the drivers of traditionally passive headphones and the typically variable quality headphone amps on devices like smartphones, MP3 players and computers. They offer a 240mW amp that’s perfectly matched to the driver, making a massive improvement in the sound. The amp is powered by a 1020mAh battery, which provides up to 12 hours use and is easily charged by USB.

The result?

A balanced sound with extra depth and clarity – none of the overhyped treble and bass frequencies associated with some of the popular ‘fashion’ brands.

Mo-Fi headphones are perfect for…

Listening and revealing lots of detail you wouldn’t normally expect to hear on headphones. They’re accurate enough for studio work too. The extra power of a built-in amp also makes these headphones ideal for users who want more volume.

Our thoughts

Blue’s Mo-Fi headphones are exceptionally comfortable to wear for long periods of time and there is plenty of articulation to get them fitting perfectly. The ear pads are comfortable and completely surround the ear and offer very little spill out or intrusive noise in. Our pro audio business manager Rob says they’re ‘genuinely the best headphones i have personally ever listened to and i listen to a lot in my job”.

So many choices

There are three functioning modes – On, On + and Off.

On – When switched on, the Mo-Fi amplifier delivers completely natural, detailed sound.

On + – This setting engages the amplifier’s analogue low-frequency enhancement circuit, which delivers incredibly deep and smooth bass for those times when your source material could use some extra low-end support.

Off – When switched off, the Mo-Fis works in passive mode for connecting to high-performance studio gear that may already have amplification for headphones, or when the battery is at the end of its charge. Should the battery run out during use, they’ll resort to this mode. When not being worn, the closed position of the headphones also engages Off mode to save battery.

What do you get in the box?

The headphones come with a case, charger and two cables – a 3m cable terminated in 6.3mm TRS jack and a 1.2m minijack cable with Apple iPhone/iPad controls.

Like what you read?

Great stuff – you can pre-order your Blue Mo-Fi headphones on our website here for £229 (£274.80 inc VAT).

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