BETT 2015: Coding in the curriculum

One of the many topics we were discussing at BETT 2015 was coding in the curriculum. 2014 saw a big change in the national curriculum, when it was announced that ICT would be replaced by a brand new Computing syllabus. The aim of the move is to recognise the importance of coding and programming as skills that will allow students to thrive in an increasingly digital world.

So now that coding is on the cards, we thought BETT would be the perfect opportunity for us to showcase how we can help you get up to speed with coding and programming in the curriculum.

Here’s how we can help:

The CPD training part of our e7 iPad scheme looks at offering teaching staff, SLT and technical teams flexible training to support students in Computing, and learn the practical skills they need to deliver the lessons with confidence.

What does our training cover?

– Understanding algorithms.

–  Basic programming.

–  Understanding programming language.

–  Intermediate programming.

–  Advanced techniques and coding.

How much does it cost?

–  Full day’s training − £650.

–  Half day/ Twilight sessions − £325.

–  All training is available to suit your needs and budgets.

There’s an app for that!

As you’d probably expect, there are many apps you can download for iPad/iPhone and Mac from the App Store to help get you started with the new Computing curriculum. Here’s a selection of our favourite apps and the age range they’re aimed at:

Codeacademy’s Hour of Code

(Free, for KS2 and up)

This app encourages pupils to work through the vocabulary and grammar of coding, much like learning a language. They take on one small step at a time and build on knowledge with the introduction of concepts and terminology behind the apps they use on devices and websites they visit.

Get it here on the App Store here.

Hopscotch for iPad

(Free, for ages 9-11)

This app is great for helping pupils learn the fundamentals of programming. Using a simple drag and drop method, they move pre-made blocks and objects to build a complete program. This completed script then lets them run animations or simple games.

Get it on the App Store here.

Bee-Bot for iPad

(Free, for ages 4+)

Bee-Bot for iPad is an app version of the original Bee-Bot classroom floor robot. Pupils are challenged to solve various problems by programming a cartoon bee to move around different levels using sequences of forward and backward moves, and left and right turns.

Get it on the App Store here.

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