Why you should upgrade to Pro Tools HD 11

If your crazy busy schedules have caused you to fall behind the times, and you now want to get back up to date with Pro Tools, you’ve only got until 31st December to upgrade and get Support. Pro Tools is following in the footsteps of Media Composer and now requires you to have Support for your Pro Tools licences in order to have access to new versions. Get yourself organised now and you can score 16 months worth of Support and upgrades, an extra 4 months more than you usually would!

Here’s why you should upgrade:

– Most importantly, from here on in, you will only get upgrades to the latest versions of Pro Tools if you have Support (much like Media Composer). So upgrade to Pro Tools 11 now and instead of receiving 12 months of Pro Tools Support you’ll get 16 months.

– As well as the general satisfaction of getting a good deal, you’ll get access to the latest features in Pro Tools 11, including new Avid Audio Engine and cloud services.

– Rewritten from the ground up to be a full native 64-bit application, Pro Tools 11 lets you mix multiple audio file formats and bit depths within the same session (including interleaved) without any file duplication to cause project bloat. It also offers a full MIDI sequencing environment and has on-board notation, courtesy of the Sibelius scoring engine.

– If you’re doing sound for picture, Pro Tools 11 adds support for the Avid video engine, meaning you can work with full HD video directly on the timeline rather than going through a lengthy transiting process.

– Pro Tools 11 also brings an exponential performance increase when running native AAX plug-ins and virtual instruments, due to dynamic allocation of resources to the plug-ins that are currently processing audio (the fabled audio engine).

– This, coupled with the brand new, faster-than realtime offline bounce allowing you to deliver mixes and stems faster, means you can work more efficiently than ever before.

Here’s how you upgrade:

– Running Pro Tools version 10? Upgrade to Pro Tools 11 now for £129 (£154.80 inc VAT) here.

– Crossgrade from Pro Tools LE to Pro Tools 11 for £129 (£154.80 inc VAT) here.

– Crossgrade from Pro Tools Express to Pro Tools 11 for £129 (£154.80 inc VAT) here.

– Pro Tools HD 10 users can upgrade now to HD 11 for £399 (£478.80 inc VAT) here.

All upgrades, whether you’re an HD user or Standard Pro Tools user, come with support included.

– However, if you’re looking to buy a brand new licence of Pro Tools 11, with 12 months Support, this will cost you £599 (£718.80 inc VAT) which you can buy here.

Already running Pro Tools 11 and want Support?

If you’re currently running Pro Tools 11, you’ll need to take out Support in order to get Pro Tools 12 (or any other new versions, when they come out). If you’re running Pro Tools Standard, you’ll need to take out Standard Support at £129 (£154.80 inc VAT) here. And if you run Pro Tools HD, you’ll need to take out Advanced Support at £380 (£456 inc VAT) here.

Remember – all of these upgrades include 16 months’ support if you upgrade and activate before 31st December.

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