Weekly design inspiration: Paper art, nature photography and a holiday in the cold

This week we’ve been feeling inspired by paper art arrangements of rules of design, igloo villages and headless mannequin drones flying above Sao Paulo – yes, we are being serious, and yes, it’s as creepy as it sounds.

Principles of design

We have a lot of respect and admiration for Turkish graphic designer Efil Turk, who has put together fundamental rules of design with colour paper art arrangements. She focuses on creatively arranging shapes, forms and textures to describe how artists/graphic designers should plan to incorporate certain elements within their work, including balance, hierarchy, pattern, rhythm, space, proportion, emphasis, movement, contrast and unity. It’s certainly reiterated some basic rules of design for us!

Colourful paper art arrangements convey ten principles of design by mymodernmet.com

Top 20 shared ads of 2014

We love adverts, and regularly circulate them round the office (yes, we did all cry at the John Lewis Christmas advert), but we found this table of the top 20 most successful online video campaigns of 2014 really interesting and not what we expected. One fifth of the year’s top ads were either World Cup-themed or created by sponsors of the event. We’re glad to see the sing-along Frozen advert made it into the top 20! It’s certainly giving us some ideas for when we take over the world and have Jigsaw24 television adverts.

The top 20 most shared ads of 2014 by Unruly

Black Friday flying mannequin drones

We’ve been doing a lot of Black Friday marketing over the past two weeks, but we never expected to come across this – headless mannequin drones delivering Black Friday offers above Sao Paulo. While the idea is clever, why couldn’t they have given the dolls heads? It would have made it seem far less creepy.

Mannequin drones by Designboom

Nature sure is pretty

Now for a serious one. We love this series of six aerial photos of Earth’s breath-taking colours – it’s just a pity Basford isn’t featured – it really does look lovely at twilight. Our favourite has got to be Landeyarsander in Iceland, with the islands near Eleuthera in the Bahamas as a close second.

Six aerial photos of Earth’s breath-taking colours by Fast Company

The ultimate holiday destination

Igloo village, Kakslauttanen in Finland looks like our dream holiday location. While sleeping in conditions as cold as -6o doesn’t sound like our cup of tea, the thermal glass of the snow igloos where you can watch the Northern lights from the comfort of your own zebra print bed certainly sounds more our style.

Igloo village Kakslauttanen by design-milk

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