Weekly design inspiration: Principles of responsive design, passports and unseen London

While you might still be picking your jaws up off the floor from the wonderful surprise that was the return of our weekly design inspiration blog, we’ve been busy putting new words together to bring you your next instalment. This week we’ve got web design principles, awesome passport designs and unseen parts of London. Don’t forget to let us know what’s caught your eye this week as you’re looking through ours…

 1. Nine basic principles of responsive web design

We came across this article from FROONTBLOG this week that puts together a list of nine basic principles of responsive web design. With more gadgets being able to open up a website, designing in pixels for desktop and mobile is fast becoming a thing of the past, so we’re loving this tidy and helpful guide. It covers off everything from flow, relative units, breakpoints, maximum and minimum values, web vs system fonts and bitmap vs vector images. We do a lot of work on web design at Jigsaw HQ, hence why we’ve got this in our week’s inspiration.

FROONTBLOG, ‘nine basic principles of responsive web design’ 

2.    Norwegian passport

After discovering Norway’s new currency will feature pixelated landscapes on one side and landscape illustrations on the other, we couldn’t help but feel our own currency seems slightly boring. Well, it’s happened again, but this time we find ourselves looking at our own exceptionally average passports and wishing we were Norwegian. Norway’s new passports feature Northern Lights-inspired luminous pages. We see this design and think that maybe glow in the dark marketing could be the next stage for us…

GIZMODO, ‘Now Norway has the world’s prettiest passort too’


3. Unseen parts of London video

We found this video of unseen parts of London breathtaking. All of Peter Dazeley’s shoots were taken with long exposures so he could capture the effect of the natural lighting. We love his shots of Big Ben, Free Mason Hall in Covent Garden and Crossness Pumping Station. But our favourite unseen part has got to be the vault doors at Midland bank. Immediate thoughts: that door would look great as the front door at our office…

BBC, ‘Peter Dazeley photographs the unseen parts of London’.

4. Parody company video from Risual 

This video is right up our street. Risual have produced a parody company video that captures every cliché in the book, in a brilliantly sarcastic manner. How can you not feel inspired to produce serious and meaningful marketing after watching this? The dubstep break at the end is definitely our highlight.

Designtaxi, “A hilarious parody of the company corporate video’


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