Weekly design inspiration: Dancing traffic lights, a rock ‘n’ roll zoo and a Pixar font

It’s been gone for a while but now it’s back! The return of the weekly design inspiration – now there’s a film we’d go and see. We’ve got dancing traffic lights, the new Honda advert and a friendly reminder that scaring is caring. Let us know your thoughts and what’s been inspiring you this week (keep it clean folks!)…

Stay road safe with dancing traffic lights

Hit that Friday low where ideas are slim and five o’clock can’t come round fast enough? Watch this gif by designboom courtesy of smart and try to resist the temptation to bust a move in the office. Smart has deployed an urban intervention to tackle the question of ‘how can we make our cities safer places?’ using our favourite medium – interpretive dance.  As much as we love the gif, the behind the scenes making of it is so damn clever we’re slightly jealous. I wonder what the traffic lights in Basford would look like twerking…

Deisgnboom courtesy of smart, ‘The dancing traffic light‘ 

Illustrators: What’s your weapon of choice?

Whereas some people look forward to a Friday when they don’t have to wear a tie to work, us creative types still get that childlike excitement over a pencil case full of tools. Itsnicethat.com ask six illustrators to share their favourite arty tools, from Maru-pens and china markers to a computer mouse and humble pencil. Get digging through your drawers and find your faves – we’d love to hear what they are.

Illustrators’ weapons of choice on Itsnicethat.com

They’ve done it again!

Our graphic designer Liana loves Dorothy, in particular this poster of a rock ‘n’ roll zoo. What’s more inspiring than Crocodile Rock (Elton John) or Little Red Rooster (The Rolling Stones) to help you get a new project started?

Rock ‘n’ roll zoo by Dorothy


We scare because we care

For the Pixar and font enthusiasts, here’s one for you. Manila-based illustrator Risa Rodil has created a series of illustrated quotes from her favourite Pixar films. I’m not ashamed to admit I knew which films all of the quotes were from.

Vibrant typographic illustrations by Risa Rodil

There are two sides to every Honda

Finally, another video to round things off. The new Honda advert comes with the ability to switch between two versions of the advert and the two versions of the car (the Civic and the R type). We like the idea of the two separate adverts, but also enjoy being immature and flicking between them and creating a Disney-meets-Fast and the Furious mashup.

Honda ‘The Other Side’

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