Why the new Mac mini is business ready

It’s been over a month since Apple unveiled their new Mac mini, and announced that the old Mac mini with OS X Server would be discontinued. The new Mac mini is packed with quicker WiFi and faster flash storage, inside a perfectly petite oh-so-Mac aluminium case. What we’re getting at – the Tardis of all things Mac. Here’s why we think the Mac mini is the perfect entry level desktop choice for business…

The Tardis effect

That’s right, it’s small on the outside and bigger on the inside. The new Mac mini has been updated with fourth-generation Intel Core processors with a choice of 1.4, 2.6 or 2.8GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor or the seriously powerful 3.0GHz dual-core Intel Core i7 processor. There’s new Intel Iris Graphics and HD Graphics 5000 available as an option too, providing up to 90% more pixel-pushing performance, great for creating complex and creative AV solutions like digital signage.

Essentially the Mac mini has the same great small shell, but is packed with more powerful technology, making it the perfect desk companion for any business desktop workers. Its small size means your desk is free to clutter with important work documents, while your desktop computer purrs quietly away in one tiny corner – really, it takes up less space than a fancy battery powered pencil sharpener.

Mac vs mini vs money

It’s the perfect balance of Mac vs mini vs money. Encased in aluminium, the Mac mini is recognisably Apple but in miniature form, with an affordable entry-level price, starting from £330 (£396 inc VAT). We love that Mac mini is an affordable way to bring Mac into your business. There are plenty of ports and two Thunderbolt 2 ports that can support all your existing peripherals. Plug in your existing monitors, mice and keyboards that your employees prefer to use in their workflows, without the need to splash out on new kit. At 19.2cm2, Mac mini is perfect for confined offices, in need of desktop computers that still pack in quick processor speeds, plenty of RAM and fast WiFi.

Mac mini right for your business?

We’ve got plenty of the new Mac mini over at our store here, with a range of processor speeds, RAM and integrated graphics available.

We’re big fans of the new Mac mini, but also still remain loyal fans of the Mac mini with OS X Server. We still have some for sale here  – the server on these can support the needs of small businesses of up to 50 people.

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