Three ways 3D printing could boost your architectural workflow

Whether it’s small draft models or diagrammatic presentation models, creating scale concepts is a vital part of the architectural design process. And with 3D printing now widely  available, you have the opportunity to craft models that let you reduce the number of steps in the process and improve design time by presenting the fine details of your plan to clients.

We’re not talking about ambitiously reaching projects like 3D printing a whole building (which architecture firms from Amsterdam to Shanghai have recently been racing to be the first to do), but how using a readily available desktop 3D printer could be beneficial to everyday design processes and productivity. Here are just a few of the ways you could potentially use 3D printing to boost your architectural workflow.

1. Give your clients better visualisations. A more detailed model at concept stage is going to help your clients get a better understanding of how the final project will likely look from all possible viewpoints. A better visualisation could make the difference between whether a client gets on board with a project or not.

2. Save time and money creating models. Building scale models takes time. So to be able to print out a detailed model that’s going to last is hugely beneficial in terms of reducing those hours spent building models, as well as cutting costs too.

3. Build your own library of designs. 3D printing also allows you to make your own moulds which you can then cast and injection fill to create a new model. This could take out a lot of repetitive work by letting you mould numerous models instead of having to print a new model each time you need one.

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