Business iPad app of the month: Weekdone

Weekdone (Weekdone OU) is a work management app that is great for small teams looking to keep on top of their work plans and track their progress. Essentially it’s like a very well organised diary that collects information about employees’ work and produces weekly emails reporting on staff progress. Here’s why we’re recommending Weekdone as our business app of the month…

What is it?

Weekdone is a quick team dashboard with weekly email reports for every manager or team leader. It works on both iPad and iPhone and is great for small businesses looking to keep up to date with what work employees are carrying out and have coming up.

How does it work?

Employees receive a ‘report reminder’ every week in which they can enter their plans, progress and any problems they come across during that week. Weekdone then compiles reports and dashboards based on the information provided by employees. This is then emailed to the manager or team leader to review and provide feedback on. Users can post statuses to keep others updated on the progress of jobs, as well as communicate with each other about upcoming work.

Who is it for?

Small businesses, looking for a way of keeping track of employee progress. From a manager or team leader point of view, it allows them to know quickly what’s going on in the business, including what work is being completed and what problems are occurring.

From a team member and employee point of view, Weekdone gives them the opportunity to flag up any problems and be certain that if it’s in their weekly report, the manager will read it. It also provides the chance for employees to share their ideas, plans and progress and keep on top of what needs doing – without missing anything!

What’s the best feature?

We like that every week, every user is asked to rate their happiness and job satisfaction levels, so managers can compare results across the business and see where changes need to be made to keep staff happiness on the up.

We also like that the app can be tailored to fit the needs of many different businesses. Weekdone can be used for weekly sales reporting for teams to set objectives, monitor progress and communicate more effectively all within the app. Likewise staff working remotely can use Weekdone to keep staff back at the office up to date on their whereabouts and progress.

How much is it and where can I get it?

Weekdone is a free app available for both iPad and iPhone on the app store here, and Google play here for teams of up to three people.

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