Jigsaw24 review: EIZO ColorEdge CS240

When EIZO announced a new budget friendly addition to their ColorEdge line-up, the CS240, we called them straight away to ask for a demo unit that we could put through its paces.  We gave the CS240 to our senior designer Paul to try out as a secondary monitor to his iMac (to a sea of jealous designers). Here’s what happened…

Some background information – where does the CS240 fit in the ColorEdge line-up?

First things first, lets place the CS240 within some context. EIZO are calling this a “cost-performance” monitor – it’s designed to deliver consistent colour accuracy, with features such as a wide colour gamut and support for hardware calibration, but without breaking budgets.  Essentially it’s a great entry-level model, covering a wider colour space than the CS230, but without brightness stabilization and the Self-Correction sensor.

What did we make of it?

Coming in to work to find a giant EIZO box on your desk is always nicer than amends, but also a test to find out how easy it is to get the CS240 from box to up and running. The result: ‘super easy’. Out the box the EIZO came, Paul plugged in to a mini display port adaptor and up it started. Paul said ‘there were no issues hooking it up to my iMac either’, and it worked perfectly with all his other tech. With DisplayPort, HDMI and DVI inputs it was easy to connect the CS240 to a wide variety of devices, and it even came with DVI-D to DVI-D and Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort cables in the box. We liked that you could adjust the height and rotation so you can set up your EIZO to meet your height (or lack of) requirements.

In use

We set the CS240 up as a secondary display, in place of a non-colour accurate option. It fit perfectly into Paul’s workflow, with the colour accuracy being a real plus when working in Adobe Creative Cloud apps like Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator. It provided a much better view of what the end product would look like than his old monitor. Paul’s verdict, ‘it was great to have the extra colour information and the ability to change screen colour settings on the fly’. Overall the colour was ‘like what I’d expect to see out in the wild’ – wise words from designer Paul right there.

The CS240 also comes with ColorNavigator, EIZO’s own calibration software.  This enables hardware calibration, so adjustments are made directly in the display for more accurate results.  It also means calibration is easy to do – and as Paul says ‘the software is straightforward to load and guides you through the setting-up process’.

Decision time

We only got to use the EIZO for a couple of weeks, but even so, the difference between this colour accurate display and our brand new non-colour accurate displays was huge, with Paul even being so bold as to hint that he ‘would be more than happy to use this EIZO as my main display’.

Anything we didn’t like? We’d like the monitor to look more ‘designed’. Compared to other displays in our office that look far sleeker, this display looks (dare we say it) dull.  Also, although calibration was easy, we would really like the convenience of built-in sensors – a thought echoed by Paul, ‘built-in calibration would be really useful, I know this is available on higher spec monitors’.  Finally while the CS240 provides great image quality (especially when compared to other similarly positioned displays) it doesn’t have as fine uniformity or stability as you’d see on the CX.  So while this was perfect for design work for anything more critical like re-touching we’d go for the CX or CG.

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