How to roundtrip FCP 7 projects to FCP X using Resolve

Not being able to open Final Cut Pro 7 timelines in FCP X has been a particular gripe for those who upgraded to Apple’s latest NLE. Recently, we posted a blog about using the translation tools in Square Box’s CatDV to transfer your legacy projects into FCP X. Unfortunately, we also had to point out that a few caveats meant you can’t transfer all of your data across. However, a full solution has been found.

With a bit of Blackmagic…

Blackmagic Design’s latest update for Resolve (8.1) introduced a wealth of new features to Resolve, one of which is support for FCP X’s new XML format. Following the release of 8.1, Mathieu Marano discovered that Resolve can now be used as a go-between to roundtrip FCP X and FCP 7 timelines. Mathieu, who is a post expert at FCP Montreal has created a video explaining how to open FCP X XML data in Resolve 8.1 and export it to FCP 7 before exporting it back in the other direction.

You can watch the video below and also read about the latest advances inĀ Resolve here.

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