Behind the curtains at the National Theatre refurb

The National Theatre have just completed a refit on their Dorfman Theatre, increasing the capacity with the addition of 100 seats. We’ve been working with the National for years now, having installed their digital archive, so were excited to take a peek behind the curtains of the finished auditorium.

The Dorfman Theatre auditorium forms just one part of the major renovation of the grade II-listed Denys Lasdun building by Haworth Tompkins. As well as increasing the capacity, the National have made the Dorfman’s seating far more flexible. The seats can be quickly lowered to give a fully flat floor, and they’ve also added a lift for greater accessibility. 

The Dorfman’s now open and ready for presentations, and you can have a look at the newly refurbished space in this gallery at the Architects Journal website. If you are taking on a short term project like the National have done here, where you’ll only need your software for the duration of the project, Autodesk’s new Desktop subscriptions are a good bet, letting you add licences on a quarterly or annual basis. Find out more about Autodesk subscriptions here.

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