The iPad friendly Wacom Styluses

Wacom have welcomed a range of iPad friendly styluses to the family, ideal for people who want to play around with ideas on the move. We managed to get our creative paws on the new Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus (2nd generation) and the new Bamboo Stylus Fineline. Here’s what went down:

Wacom Bamboo Fineline Stylus

The new Wacom Fineline Stylus comes with a 1.9mm nib, 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity and Palm Rejection technology. Designed for use with iPad for precise note taking, natural handwriting and doodling – we had to have a play!


We downloaded the free app ‘Bamboo paper’ here on the App Store for use with both styluses. When we started up the app, we had to sync the pens with iPad, which was as simple as pressing the nib onto the screen and we were up and drawing.

What we like

First things first, this stylus was incredibly easy to set up, so we went into using it with a nice, positive mind frame, and we weren’t disappointed.

– The pressure sensitivity worked well, and quick doodles were easy and fun to do.

– The thin nib on this stylus was nice too – especially when using the finer pencil option in the app.

– Charging is easy – in two hours the stylus is fully charged with 26 hours of battery life and can be charged via the USB on your computer.

– The price! At £40 (£48 inc VAT), it’s easy on the eye as well as the bank account!

What we aren’t keen on

– The ‘Palm Rejection technology’ that we found was temperamental. It worked when you kept your hand still, but when moving your hand to sketch, this caused the stylus to disconnect or swipe out of the app, or even leave marks on the page where your hand had been.

– We wanted to put a screen protector on the iPad, because it felt like the nib was going to damage the screen (it didn’t – but we’re just saying, it felt like it). Wacom say that the new nibs on these styluses are highly durable – which we love, but we’d love it more if it felt gentle on the screen!

– The nib screen alignment can sometimes seem to be slightly off, which doesn’t help when trying to add detail. So, like Wacom says, this stylus is certainly ideal for doodling, but we’d opt for another option when it came to finer detail.

-We wish it came with a case!

Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus

Described as the ‘professional-grade’ option, this more advanced stylus makes your iPad function like a mini Cintiq option. It has 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity for more fine-tuned artwork, Palm Rejection technology and a 2.9mm nib. At £54.16 (£64.99 inc VAT) it’s top of the range of Wacom Styluses for iPad.

What we like

– The pen feels good in the hand, it’s a good weight and feels natural to use.

– Like the Bamboo Fineline, it’s also really easy to charge.

– We like the two customisable buttons, which you can set to your favourite shortcuts, we were using button one as the eraser and button two as the undo tool.

– We like the case, it’s great for keeping it safe, and is easy to find when we chuck things into our Mary Poppins style bags.

What we don’t like

– Again, we find the inconsistency of the Palm Recognition technology to be frustrating.

– We preferred the smaller nib of the Fineline (1.9mm), which felt more like pen on paper than the 2.9mm nib of this stylus.


We like the versatility of the styluses, and while we wouldn’t use them for highly detailed drawing, we understand they weren’t made for that purpose. We like that these styluses are affordable ways to make being creative an option on the move. The Intuos Creative is the most expensive of these styluses, at £64.99, and is still a damn sight cheaper than the Adobe equivalent (Adobe Ink and Slide), which is on sale in America for $199.99.

Having only played with them for a day, we think it’d take a while before we felt completely comfortable using them. We liked using them for doodling, quick sketches and minimal note taking like brainstorming, but would probably opt for a different app for more thorough note taking.


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