Introducing the new EIZO 24″ ColorEdge CS240

EIZO have just unveiled a new budget friendly, colour accurate monitor to their ColorEdge line-up: the CS240. Designed for creatives who need to balance accuracy with budget, the CS240 is available to buy now on our website here for £470 ex VAT (£564 inc VAT).

The CS240 enters the EIZO collection as an ‘entry-level colour critical display’, capable of reproducing 99% of Adobe RGB colour space, and is aimed at designers, art-workers, prosumers and social photographers. It’s also an ideal display for offline editing and concept work too.

How is it different from the CS230?

In relation to the CS230, the CS240 has a larger screen size, better resolution, covers 99% Adobe RGB and includes ColorNavigator software for more accurate calibration.

CS240 features:

– 24.1” display with 1920×1200 native resolution.

– Reproduces 99% of Adobe RGB colour space.

– ASIC and DUE technology.

– ColorNavigator 6 calibration software.

– LED backlight for reduced power consumption.

– Equipped with DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI input terminals.

– 5 year warranty.

What is all this EIZO technology?

ASIC and DUE technology

ASIC stands for ‘application specific integrated circuit’, and has been developed by EIZO to meet the needs of the graphics market. ASIC technology works by creating high-precision colour processing, which produces smooth colour tones.

DUE stands for ‘digital uniformity equalizer technology’ and works to combat issues surrounding brightness and colour uniformity. It works by counteracting fluctuations in brightness and chromaticity on different parts of your LCD screen.

ColorNavigator 6 calibration software

EIZO have developed their own ColorNavigator 6 software to make calibration simple as well as producing reliable colour results. Because this software is developed in house, EIZO have made sure that it is Mac, Windows and Linux compatible, and works with a wide range of measurement devices.

Shop now for your new EIZO ColorEdge CS240 here on our website.

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Interested in Eizo CS240, buy now!

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