Connecting your Canon WiFi camera to your smartphone

You can use the WiFi connectivity feature on your Canon compact camera to upload, print and backup images to your smartphone, whenever you have a WiFi connection.

Want to know more about how to set your camera up to do this? You’re in luck, we’ve written a quick guide for doing just this, and have a handy little video from the nice people at Canon that will have you get set up and connected in no time!

Setting up a connection for your Canon WiFi camera and your smartphone

If this is the first time you’re using your camera with your smartphone you’ll need to set up a connection first. To do this follow the 6 steps below:

1. Start off by searching for Canon CW on the app store of your smartphone and install the free Canon CameraWindow app.

Here on Google play

Here on iTunes

2. Turn on your camera and select the smartphone connection icon from the WiFi menu.

3. Choose the Add a Device option. Your camera should now make a WiFi connection: when it does, connect your smartphone to this network.

4. You now need to start up the CameraWindow app.

5. Once you’ve done this, select your smartphone from the list.

6. Select Yes to control the camera and to view all the images from your smartphone.

Your smartphone is now saved and connected to your camera – you don’t need to repeat these steps again!

Connecting your Canon WiFi camera to your smartphone

Now your phone and camera is set up, connecting them again is easy.

1. Simply turn on your camera and select the smartphone connection icon on your camera

2. Start the app up on your smartphone.

3. Press the Send this image button on your camera to save images on your smartphone.

(You can also view all the images in your camera from your smartphone by selecting the View images on camera option as well as save and copy one or multiple images from your Canon wireless camera to your smartphone. )

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