b7 iPad tips: video call and conferencing

As part of our b7 bespoke app and iPad programme, we have put together a series of neat little videos, written guides and quick tips you can use to help stay in contact with people using iPad. Here we present to you our guide to using iPad for video calls and conferencing.

There are a number of apps and solutions you can use to communicate via video with people away from the office using iPad. We’ve picked out three simple ones to get you started – one preinstalled and two you can download to your iPad.

First off – FaceTime

FaceTime is Apple’s free, one-on-one video chat service that comes pre-installed and can be used on every iPad, Mac, iPhone and iPod touch. All it needs is a WiFi connection and the email address of the person you’re calling (FaceTime uses this as their contact, not their phone number). Your default FaceTime contact address is the one you used to register your Apple ID.

To use FaceTime

– Start by opening the app and selecting the contact you want to call. FaceTime uses your contact lists, so make sure you have the email addresses for the people you want to contact saved.

– Tap the FaceTime camera icon and wait for the call to be answered.

FaceTime solved.

FaceTime is a great app to use if you only need to chat to one person. If you want to talk to more than one person, you’ll need to download some new solutions. Luckily for you, we have two great examples for you below.

Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is a web conferencing platform ideal for use in webinars and web meetings.  It is compatible with a range of mobile devices including iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. It lets you host, join, collaborate and share in any Adobe Connect meetings direct from your iPad. Contacting people is made easy, whether you are hosting a meeting or an invitee, there are no additional downloads needed to take part. You can download Adobe Connect free from the App Store here.

Cisco WebEx Mobile

Cisco WebEx Mobile is a solution that lets you join any Cisco web conference from your iPad. You can meet face-to-face with two-way video, and see up to five people at once. With Cisco WebEx Mobile you can schedule, host and attend meetings as well as share content in real-time from your iPad. It’s one of the most popular business apps on the App Store and in CNNMoney’s “Top 5 Apps for Business”. On top of all that, it’s also free. If you fancy giving Cisco WebEx Mobile a go, visit the App Store here to download it.

Quick tip complete, three simple solutions to bring video calling and conferencing into your business. Next tip coming soon…

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