Education app of the week: iTunes U (v2!) for iPad

We’ve been big fans of Apple’s iTunes U ever since it first came out (a platform to provide free educational courses directly to iPad – what’s not to love?). Now with brand new features in version 2, it’s an essential upgrade!

What is iTunes U v2 for iOS devices?

iTunes U (Apple, free) has already been featured as our App of the Week and for good reason – it’s the gateway to experiencing a huge range of free courses created by both world-famous institutions such as Harvard University and The Open University, and thousands of schools around the globe. It includes something for everyone, from courses on quantum mechanics to learning the basics of using iPad.

iTunes U v2

Teachers have also been able to create and publish private courses for their own students using iTunes U Course Manager in a supported browser on a computer. With the update to version 2, Apple have added the ability to write, edit and manage your courses directly in the app on your iPad. This is massive news for teachers who wish to replace their laptop with an iPad. Apple have also added a ‘Discussions’ feature so that both teachers and students can start and join discussions relating to the course

How can it benefit the classroom?

iTunes U was already a proven essential for the classroom, but with these new features teachers can now easily create and share courses with their students. Teachers who have previously struggled with the complexity of virtual learning environments will enjoy the simplicity of course creation and management, directly from the same device with which they are already accessing the amazing free content available in iTunes U.

What’s the best feature?

Being able to access, create and manage courses all within the same great app makes iTunes U an absolute essential for teachers. The fact that all that content and ability to create materials comes for free is just the icing on the cake!

Where can I get it?

iTunes U v2 (Apple, free) is a free upgrade if you already have the app, or you can download the app for free from the App Store or iTunes.

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