LG 34UM95 34″ ultra-wide QHD monitor released

The LG 34UM95 is the world’s first 34″ ultra-wide QHD monitor, and packed with features sure to get pulses racing amongst those who rely on display real estate and image quality.

What does it do?

A vast 21:9 aspect ratio panel with a resolution of 3440×1440 should give you an indication of the room you’ll get with such a monitor, but let’s give you some examples.

Creative applications such as Premiere Pro and After Effects are often used in conjunction with multi-monitor set-ups. With the LG 34UM95, you get to work in full HD composition windows as well as have room to breathe with ample room left for sizeable timelines and toolbars.

Excel users can expect to see a total of 47 columns and 63 rows with enough room to continue displaying all required functions with less need for scrolling.

Image quality

Amazing display real estate means nothing if image quality is left wanting, and thankfully LG have excelled in this regard too. The monitor includes a full colour management system with a 1-point white balance, 1.07 billion colours and a 1000:1 contrast ratio. Users of photography applications like Photoshop can rest assured that this monitor fulfils their distinct monitor requirements as well.

Special features

Not content with just offering masses of pixels and space, the LG 34UM95 also has unique split screen features. Users can define two to four sub-screens which divide apps and documents across the panel – perfect for enhancing productivity.

Compatibility and availability

The LG 34UM95 is Mac Pro (2013) supported and features Thunderbolt 2, which serves up transfer speeds of 20Gbps and the ability to daisy chain a further six Thunderbolt devices. It’s available now for £910.80 inc VAT – visit the Jigsaw24 online store for more information.

LG 34UM95 on Jigsaw24

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