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Andy Zadora-Chrzastowski set up Sport on Wheels in 1998 in order to provide images and results for wheelchair tennis tournaments across the UK, Europe and the USA. Six years ago he moved to Mac, and hasn’t looked back since…

Tell us a bit about why you started Sport on Wheels.
Well, at the time there was no coverage for wheelchair tennis tournaments, so I started Sport on Wheels to cover wheelchair tennis as a disability sport, but I’ve also started to cover para-badminton and power chair football. It operates on a charitable basis and is non-profit, so it relies heavily on sponsorship and donations.

Why did you decide to move to Mac?
Well I’d been using Adobe Creative Suite for a number of years and experienced a lot of problems with my laptop hanging and crashing, but I was quite unaware that Adobe was never really designed to work on a PC, it was designed to work on a Mac. So I spoke to a lot of people, and they all told me that going to a Mac was the obvious progression.

What was your first Mac?
About six years ago I got a second hand MacBook Pro and I was using that until quite recently. And touch wood, in that time I’ve not had any issues on a Mac with programs running together or crashing or anything. It’s absolutely phenomenal.

Did you find making the switch difficult?
I actually didn’t find the transition too difficult, to be honest. I’d heard all sorts of horror stories about how horrible [OS X] was to get to grips with, but to be honest I found things so easy. And I suppose the big difference is with a PC there was so much hanging and crashing, the whole thing was totally laborious. But since I’ve changed to Mac it’s just faultless.

What’s your workflow like when you’re at an event?
Normally I spend three to four hours shooting the event. I can take upwards of 600 images a day, which does make things difficult when it comes to culling the ones I don’t want. Once I’ve got the ones I want to keep, I adjust them for colour, resize them and then get them straight to the organisers so they can update their websites at the end of each day.

And you’re using Adobe for that?
Yeah, I use Photoshop CS6 and Aperture 3. I was on CS3 for a long time and CS6 was a bit of a steep learning curve, but I only use the basics. As long as I can adjust colours easily, adjust the curves if the lighting’s not brilliant, crop them and add text overlays, I’m okay.

Do you ever think about expanding your coverage?
I’ve been asked so many times to do video or expand into other disability sports, but to be honest, the expense means it’s not a road I would be able to go down. I did have a caravan that I used to cover longer events up and down the UK, but it’s very old and has started to let water in, so it’s not usable any more!

How did you find out about Jigsaw24?
Well I contacted a few Apple resellers. Two I never even got a reply from, and one I bought software from, but couldn’t get a discounted rate even though they knew I worked for a charitable organisation. I thought there must be an alternative, so I had a look around and lo and behold, I found Jigsaw24.

And we’ve been alright?
You’ve been outstanding in the help and support you’ve given me, and this is going back quite a few years now. I’ve had superb service every time I’ve brought something in to your place.

How do people get in touch with you if they want to know more about Sport on Wheels or lend you their caravan?
The best way is to email or visit the website, There’s a contact form there.

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