iPad tip of the week: How to organise your iOS apps using folders

Once you’ve had your iPad for a while, the number of apps you’ll have downloaded will probably start to stack up and spill over on to multiple home screens. There is a really easy way to organise your app collection though, using iPad’s folders.

With these, you can group all your apps together by relevancy (say, rounding up all your productivity apps, reading apps, photo or video apps into their own folders). You can create as few or as many folders as you want by simply dragging one application icon onto another, so all your similar apps are kept in one place.

Creating folders in iOS

Here’s how to do it:

1. To move an app, hold your finger on an app icon and you’ll see it begin to shake.

2. Drag the app you want to move onto another app.

3. A folder will appear, and iPad will automatically name it based on which apps you’ve combined eg Photography or Reading).

4. You can customise the name to your liking by opening a folder and holding your finger on an app until it starts to shake.

5. Take your finger off and then tap in the text field above the folder.

6. Enter your preferred name and then press your Home button to exit and save the folder.

There you have it – custom folders that make for less cluttered home screens and easier to find apps.

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