The results are in… iPad in education survey 2014

Early in summer 2014, we asked education institutions to fill in a survey to let us know how they are currently using iPad and mobile technology in school. The aim was to find out what your experiences have been so far and what your plans for the future are, so we can understand how we can better support schools in the UK.

It was also a chance for you to see how you compare with schools across the country, and get a regional look at how you compare in your local area. We had a fantastic response, with everyone from teachers to assistant heads to network and infrastructure managers filling in the survey, so thank you very much for your time. As promised, here are the results…

Majority of schools are using iPad

First of all, we asked respondents whether or not they were using iPad, and a staggering majority had already taken iPad on board (83.33%). Of those, around a third had fewer than ten devices, around another third had 11-50, while 12.5% had between 51 and 250 devices, and 18.75% were clearly at the full adoption stage, currently having more than 251 devices.

It was also interesting to note that many schools had a small amount of non-iPad tablets too. 69.23% owned fewer than ten non-iPad tablets, and 7.69% had somewhere between 11 and 50.

Satisfaction levels are good

Everyone who filled in the survey were at some stage of deploying mobile technology in their school, whether at the early stage of their journey (37.5% are currently trialling mobile devices), at an intermediate stage (43.75% have adopted a significant number of devices, but wanted to scale up further) or at a more advanced level (18.75% are ready to fully implement a 1:1 deployment).

It looks like those schools who have begun their iPad journey are generally satisfied too. Half of the respondents are fairly satisfied, using iPad in some areas but inconsistently, and are yet to use iPad as it was fully intended, 18.75% are finding iPad is being used well but usage could be improved with certain teaching staff and classes, and 31.25% are pleasingly finding their iPad satisfaction levels excellent, with it being constantly used in a productive and beneficial way.

Plans for moving to Mac are still unlikely

While uptake of iPad is widespread and mostly positive on the whole, there is still some resistance to making the move to Mac. Only 15.38% said it would be ‘likely’ they would adopt the Apple ecosystem (including Mac notebook and desktop computers) further, the same amount were indifferent, and 7.69% each were either ‘very likely’, ‘very unlikely’ or responded ‘other’. The majority – 46.15% – were in the ‘unlikely’ camp, and 53.85% said they would be likely to further implement iPad, but unlikely to implement Mac.

Cost and training remain hurdles

Finally, we asked respondents what, if anything, they saw as possible hurdles in reaching their mobile technology goals. There were two clear front-runners for this question: curriculum integration and training (69.23%), and cost (61.54%). Other factors included infrastructure (30.77%), technical training, administration and stakeholder support (each on 23.08%), as well as choosing an IT partner (7.69%).

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