How to transfer archive projects to FCP using CatDV

Recently converted to Final Cut Pro X? Still have XML projects in FCP 7 that you need to transfer over to Apple’s latest version of the NLE? Well, help is at hand in the form of Square Box’s excellent translation tools in CatDV.

Not being able to transfer legacy projects into FCP X has been a particular bugbear for users, and they weren’t helped by media format experts Automatic Duck’s recent flocking to pastures new at Adobe. But Square Box said its CatDV software can help you and has now posted a full workflow explaining how to support archive projects on its website.

As with everything in life, there are a few restrictions on exactly what you can do. Square Box explained that, because of differences in how FCP 7 and FCP X describe clips and handle timelines, not all data can be transferred over to Final Cut Pro X:

1) “A basic ‘cuts only’ sequence is moved across. Although timing is preserved, titles, transitions and other special effects or filters, including detailed handling of certain multi-channel audio files, are not supported and may need to be reapplied.

2) Most regular clips that come from a single .mov or .mp4 movie file, as well as subclips, simple stills and audio clips, are copied across. Complex clips such as multiclips, sequences within sequences, P2 mxf files, or image sequences are not fully supported in most cases.

3) Clip name, media path, timecode, log notes, and markers are copied across, but other metadata (such as reel number, description, label, angle, marker category, and CatDV user-defined fields) is not supported in the .fcpxml file format at this time.”

The full workflow article explaining the FCP X translation tools in CatDV 9.0 is on the Square Box website, along with a free trial available to download.

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