Are you ready for the new computing curriculum?

The 2014 National Curriculum is introducing a new subject, Computing, to replace ICT. It recognises the importance of computational thinking as a skill that will allow children to thrive in an increasingly digital world. But how should you plan for the new curriculum, and how are you going to develop the additional skills you’ll need to support your students?

Here at Jigsaw24, we can guide you through the jargon, and show you how you can easily cover the requirements of the curriculum.

iPad is great for learning the principles of programming, and there is a wide range of apps are available to support all aspects of the computing curriculum, from games that help you learn how to you think like a programmer to apps that allow you to code your own games. From controlling robots to building programs with instruction blocks, we’ll have you up and programming in no time!

And don’t forget that programming and coding are only part of the computing curriculum. iPad is perfect for addressing other aspects of the curriculum through creative project work.

Our iPad in the Computing curriculum training is specially designed to help you get prepared for the changes that are on their way, covering off key apps and teaching strategies for those who haven’t encountered code before. It covers off basic algorithms and programming, including understanding how programming language works, and can go all the way up to advanced techniques and coding depending on what your staff are hoping to cover in lessons.

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