Education app of the week: Codeacademy Hour of Code for iPad

Computing has a new focus in the national curriculum for 2014 and, while programming skills are well supported with apps like Hopscotch, coding is still a foreign language for many. This is where Codeacademy’s Hour of Code app for iPad comes in…

What is Codeacademy: Hour of Code for iPad?

Codeacademy: Hour of Code (Codeacademy, free) is an iOS app that gives a basic introduction to coding. It does this by encouraging you to work through the vocabulary and grammar of coding as if you were learning a language, taking one small step at a time, building on previous knowledge, and introducing you to the concepts and terminology behind the apps you use on your device and the websites you visit.

Codeacademy for iPad

How can it benefit the classroom?

An excellent introduction to the concept of coding for students, Codeacademy: Hour of Code is also perfect for self-study and reinforcement. It does its best to keep the concepts of coding engaging and relevant for non-geeks, and once you get started it’s difficult to stop!

What’s the best feature?

The great thing is about Codeacademy: Hour of Code is that it can be completed in around an hour (hence the name!) but you needn’t do it all in one go – students can work through each stage at their own pace. And once they’ve finished and are ready for more, you can head over to for more resources and coding goodness!

Where can I get it?

You can download Codeacademy: Hour of Code from the App Store on your iPad or from iTunes. It’s completely free, so why not give it a try?

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