Why stay with iPad 2?

Apple have called time on iPad 2, a favourite model among our e7 schools, and are giving iPad with Retina display a price drop to make it their entry level model. However, we’ve managed to scoop up some of the UK’s last iPad 2, and are offering them at a special discounted rate to schools who want to top up their classroom sets or roll out 1:1 while on a budget.

But why would you want to stick with iPad 2 rather than going for the Retina display option? Well, here are our top three reasons…

You need to lower your initial outlay 

While iPad with Retina display is perfectly affordable at its new price point, every penny counts and the end-of-life deal that’s currently available on iPad 2 means you’ll save £30 per iPad if you buy iPad 2. If you’re investing in a class set of 30, that’s a saving of £900!

You’ve already got some iPad 2

The last thing you want in a lesson is students squabbling because one half of them are using a ‘new’ iPad while the others are still using your older iPad 2 set. Top up your class set now (and invest in a few spares!) and you’ll be able to provide the same device to everyone in the class, so there’ll be no disagreements and no compatibility issues.

You don’t want to update your accessories

iPad with Retina display uses a smaller connector than iPad 2, so the chargers, adaptors, accessories and charge carts you’ve been using for iPad 2 won’t work with this newer model. If you can’t afford to update your accessories at the moment, stocking up on iPad 2 means you can carry on using your existing kit for longer, allowing you to save for the rest of your hardware or pick it up piecemeal as and when you have the money available.

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