Business app of the week: Parallels Access for iPad

For a newly mobilised workforce, having access to key apps and files from mobile devices is essential, but with some solutions this can be a bit of a faff. With Parallels Access for iPad, staff can log in to your PC and Mac office environment and fully-fledged apps using iPad gestures. It’s time we looked inside Access for businesses…

What is Parallels Access for iPad?

If you’re used to working with both Mac and PC in your business, you may have heard of Parallels Desktop as the software that lets you run Windows virtually on your Macs. Parallels Access (Parallels, Inc, free) is like its mobile sister, letting you log in to your PC or Mac environment using your iPad, and access all the Windows apps and files on there remotely, so you can continue to work on projects when you’re away from the office.

Parallels Access for iPad

How does the app work?

Access, as Parallels put it, ‘applifies’ your Windows and Mac software. That is to say, it adds a level of iPad gesture control to your key applications without losing the functionality of more intensive applications, as Parallels puts the workload on your PC rather than your iPad. You simply tap to start any PC or Mac application, then use familiar iPad controls such as the magnifying glass to select text, and copy and paste in your desktop apps as if they were iPad apps. It’s even possible to copy and paste between your Mac or PC applications and iPad apps.

Who is Parallels Access for?

Any business who runs both Mac and PC estates as well as iPad deployments will benefit from the level of integration that Parallels Access gives. It lets you run Windows applications like Microsoft Office and your key business apps directly from iPad, and remotely access legacy files and documents just by logging in.

What’s the best feature?

Security and compliance requirements are obviously a key consideration for businesses, and Parallels Access really excels in this area. It’s secure, encrypted and operates the same access permissions and restrictions that staff have on applications and data in the office. Staff can open and work on files stored in the cloud without moving them to third party apps that might not meet your security requirements, and there’s a two-way sync so you don’t have to worry about version control.

How much is it and where can I get it?

The Parallels Access app (Parallels, Inc, free) doesn’t cost anything, and you can download it from the App Store on your iPad, or from iTunes. You will, however, need a subscription get continued access to Access, which costs £34.99 per year per licence. If you’re already using Parallels Desktop for Mac, you’re also entitled to a free six month subscription to Access.

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