Education app of the week: Duolingo for iPad

If you’re looking to introduce modern foreign languages to the classroom, but thought time constraints, and the cost of books and learning materials might be a barrier, the Duolingo app for iPad is a fun, free and quick solution. It even won Apple’s 2013 App of the Year.

What is Duolingo for iOS devices?

Duolingo (Duolingo, free) is a free app that lets you choose from a range of common languages to learn at your own speed. As well as learning languages as an English speaker, you can learn English if it’s not your first language, or even Portuguese as a Spanish speaker and vice versa.

Duolingo for iPad

It presents vocabulary and grammar in simple steps supported by images and sound, and every step is tested so that you know you’re getting it right. You can also set daily goals to motivate yourself and even compete with Facebook friends, where appropriate.

How can it benefit the classroom?

Duolingo is a great introduction to learning languages and would really help students who are new to languages get interested and engaged in the subject, both in the classroom and learning by themselves. It’s also an incredibly useful tool for building extra confidence, and for students to practise speaking and listening.

What’s the best feature?

What’s really great about Duolingo is that each language is broken down into a series of easy to follow steps that build on previous knowledge, with progress reports available at the end of each section. This means students can learn in bite-size chunks at their own pace.

Where can I get it?

Duolingo (Duolingo, free) is completely free and available to download straight from the App Store on your iPad, or from iTunes.

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