6 steps to getting your WiFi up to scratch

How can you go about making sure your WiFi is up to scratch? Well, if you do think you need to look at updating your network to support future IT and mobile tech, it needn’t be a problem. We can conduct a WiFi survey for you, design a tailored solution that’s perfect for your school, then get you up and running so that your network is future-proofed and ready for additional devices.

Here are our six steps to constant connectivity…

1. WiFi survey – If you already have a wireless network, one of our accredited engineers can come to your school to assess your current setup and identify any problems. If you’re not running WiFi, we can guarantee your survey will definitely be a ‘fail’.

2. Network consultancy – We’ll talk you through your options, and assess your independent needs and budget.

3. Design and proposal – We’ll put together a bespoke design for your network based on your requirements and existing network to give you the best solution for your school.

4. Installation – Our network experts can provide a full system with everything from new access points to brand new speedy cabling.

5. Tech support – We provide a dedicated point of contact who knows your new system inside out, so you can be sure your school has minimal network downtime if anything goes wrong.

6. Sustainability – We offer solutions that are scalable, so your WiFi can expand as the number of your WiFi-hungry devices does, with predictable budgeting too.

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