NAB 2014: Your RED release roundup

For those of you who don’t spend half your spare time on the RED user forums, they’ve just announced a slew of excellently named new products for NAB, including a faster REDMAG, a 4K module for the DRAGON and DRAGONcolor, which we need to see in action immediately. Here are the details: 

RED SWITCHBLADE-M camera controller

This machined aluminium, side-mounted, tool-free camera control interface comes with an OLED display that can be attached in place of the side handle. Priced at $950 in the US, it’s due out soon.


RED 4K Broadcast Module for DRAGON

The Broadcast Module delivers a live uncompressed YCbCr 4:2:2 video feed, can handle footage up to 4K and 60fp via its quad 3G-SDI
BNC ports and includes timecode and genlock. Priced at $6950, it’s coming soon.


No snazzy images here, but as the usually terse RED team did treat us to a full feature list, and the promise of a new camera build. Over to them:

“Tomorrow morning we will be releasing a new RCX as well as a new Camera build that includes DRAGONcolor and REDgamma 4.

Graeme’s greatest creation to date, DRAGONcolor is a dramatic improvement in color science and incorporates the best of DRAGON down to the sensor level. DRAGONcolor is paired with REDgamma4 which includes smoother roll-offs and true blacks.

Updated: New look and feel.
Added: DRAGONcolor and REDgamma4.
Added: Advanced Dragon Debayer (A.D.D.) with HDRx and motion support.
Added: Support for camera generated markers.
Added: CUDA support.
Added: Ability to filter wav files from the browser.
Added: Rating can now be applied to both clips and frames through context sensitive keyboard shortcuts.
Added: Rating a frame now automatically creates a frame marker.
Updated: Default keyboard shortcuts for rating, video out and L/R stereo toggling have been changed.
Fixed: Improved OpenCL and Cuda card compatibility checks.
Fixed: Image corruption when doing rotation in 3D side by side mode.
Fixed: Crash when doing still snapshots.
Fixed: Some fit height modes where incorrect when Rocket was enabled for decoding.
Fixed: OpenEXR is now properly supported when doing simple blend.
Fixed: Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements.
DSMC Firmware v5.2.8 will be posted tomorrow.

New Features
– REDLINK Module support (wireless networking and wireless hand controller).

– 4K Broadcast Module support.

–  Switchblade Module support.

–  Dragon Monochrome support.

– Scarlet Dragon support.

– Public REDLINK Control Protocol support.

– DRAGONcolor (Dragon only).

– REDgamma4 as default gamma.

– 4 User Calibration Maps available (Dragon only).

– Calibration map programming time optimized (Dragon only).

– Added frame processing (Dragon).

– Increased max exposure time to 1 sec (Dragon).

– Rack point UI enhancements.

– Optimize color science updates.

– Clean format transitions.

– Video markers support.

– Video markers/regions in playback.

– Pre-trigger added to trigger mode.

– Burst mode capture.

– Updated UI theme.

– 6:5 formats added for full height 2.40:1 2x Anamorphic de-squeeze.

– Horizon line UI overlay.

– A-X track toggle in preview and playback.

– Added additional supported lenses.

– SSD fragmentation detection.

– Added Exposure Assist.”



The $1450 240GB REDMAG replaces the 256GB version. RED promise it will be faster than the current generation of REDMAG, and have added a free one year warranty to all of their media, applied retroactively to anything you bought in the last six months. The new REDMAG is due to ship in 6-8 weeks.


A must for anyone who likes their tools names after rare snake breeds, the RED SIDEWINDER is “the quintessential RED tool,” covering all the screw sizes that you’ll need to deal with the RED lineup. It’s available as tool only ($28) or included in the DSMC Bolt Set ($50). RED have kindly included threaded hold on each side to carry spare bolts. So thoughtful!

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