Office is coming to iPad!

The latest from the iOS rumour mill is that Microsoft will be launching Office for iPad at an event on 27th March. According to The Verge (one of our favourite sources for iOS gossip), the app will be similar to the Office for iPhone app that Microsoft released last year, and will be available to anyone with an Office 365 subscription

The site says:

We understand the iPad variant of Office will be similar to the iPhone version, and will require an Office 365 subscription for editing. We’re told that document creation and editing is fully supported for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint apps. Overall, the interface and features are expected to be similar to the existing iPhone version.

Nadella’s unveiling of Office for iPad will be the first major press event for the new CEO, but it will also underline his strategy for Microsoft. Nadella hinted at “cloud first, mobile first” shortly after he was named CEO last month, and Microsoft launched a Mac version of its OneNote Office app today, along with Office Online recently.

“Office for iPad will remove a large barrier of entry for a lot of organisations who have found themselves unable or reluctant to abandon their Windows desktops and laptops,” says Martin Wright, one of our in-house app development team. “This reliance on Windows could be said to be tied to their reliance on Office – with Office moving to iPad, hopefully organisations will see that they are now far freer to find innovative, mobile solutions to their business challenges.”

There are limits, obviously: you’ll need an Office 365 account and the jury is still out on whether you’ll be able to open Office documents in non-Microsoft apps straight away.

However, we think this is a great step forward in making it easier for businesses to adopt a mobile strategy that’s completely in line with their in-house processes. (Of course, we could develop a bespoke app that would allow you to do this in a way that’s designed specifically for your business and allows you to work to your own release and update schedule, but still. Baby steps. Not everyone wants a bespoke app right out of the gate.)

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