6 app ideas to boost your business

From sales tools to logistics and reporting tools to mobile versions of your key business systems, a killer mobile app can allow your business to capture and access information on the move at all times. It can also bring your mobile workforce closer to your office workflows. 

Here are just 6 of the ways your business can benefit (plus a couple of examples for you to try out)…

1. Sales tools and catalogues

One great use of a mobile app is as a customer-facing sales tool that lets customers browse and purchase on their iPad. You can build full product price lists and ensure salespeople have the most up to date information when pitching or putting together quotes, all helping you streamline your sales experience and reduce your time to quote.

You can even accept credit card payments on the spot, using functionality much like in the iZettle app (iZettle AB, free).

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2. Presentation tools

An app is also a great way to showcase what your business does to a customer, presenting your full roster of services, as well as case studies and other resources. We recently worked with Phoenix IT to develop their own custom app, which has helped their field sales team promote the company’s services, streamline the customer-facing sales experience and make them look professional too.

Take a look at the brilliant Lowe + Partners app (Lowe and Partners, free) for an idea of how you can effectively showcase your business with a custom app.

3. Key business systems

Custom apps can also be mobile versions of your key business systems, integrating into your backend systems and providing shortcuts to frequently required resources. Integrating your apps with Salesforce or other CRM and mission-critical systems is a great way to ensure field staff have all the data they need, when they need it.

It also improves reporting and process consistency between mobile workers and those in head office.

4. Logistics tools

Another thing to think about is location awareness. Laptops don’t tend to share their location, whereas mobile apps can, which makes them great as logistics tools. By using a check-in function to record the time and date at a location, a custom app can track inventory and help you manage appointments with customers.

One of our most recent projects involved building an app that allowed drivers for a furniture company to track their location, pinpoint nearby customers, then assess and photograph returned items before they headed back to the office, speeding up processing and improving data flow.

5. Data capture

That leads us on to the data capture abilities of mobile apps. Simple input forms can be used to capture data on the move, and can be enhanced with iPhone and iPad features such as the camera and GPS. Forms can also be expanded into checklists, which can allow interactive checklists for site visits, surveys and inspections.

With a custom app, your mobile device can essentially become a camera, bar code reader, GPS tracker, survey tool and checklist tool, all in one.

6. Reporting tools

All that data captured by field staff can then immediately be viewed back at the office through a custom app. Harnessing web interfaces and APIs or database queries and spreadsheets, data from field staff can be viewed by office based staff or other mobile workers. And of course, emails and push notifications via a service provider can be used to feed back to other users too.

These are really just a few starting points, though – there are hundreds of possibilities for an app to change your business. Maybe you’ve already got your own billion-dollar app idea and just need someone to crack on with the coding… 

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