Business app of the month: Scanner Pro

One day, we’ll all be working in a paperless utopia. Until then, Scanner Pro will remain an essential tool, allowing you to scan any physical document with your iPad or iPhone and instantly share it with your colleagues. 

What is it? 

Scanner Pro (Readdle, £1.99) lets you convert your iPad or iPhone into a mobile scanner, so you can scan and save documents on the go.

How does it work? 

Scanner Pro allows you to scan receipts, forms, notes, whiteboard sketches, signatures or any other paper document using your phone or tablet’s camera, then save them as pdfs to refer to later. Built-in tools allow you to remove shadows, correct perspective and sharpen images to ensure that they are as readable as possible.

You can then email the pdf, print it or save it to any shared or cloud storage that you have access to.

Who is it for? 

Anyone who needs to share info with the office in realtime – we particularly like the idea that an onsite salesperson or engineer can scan signed project documentation and send it straight back to head office, cutting down admin time considerably. But it’s also great for general day to day use, as you can scan meeting notes or whiteboard diagrams and share them, so everyone who attended the meeting has a copy. Far easier than sending a lengthy follow-up email!

What’s our favourite feature? 

The ability to instantly sync the PDFs on your device with iCloud or other storage is the key to what makes Scanner Pro so useful, as it means you can make documents available to your entire team almost instantly.

We think this is especially handy if you’re using a file syncing solution like Acronis Access, which securely syncs and backs up data on your mobile device and company servers, providing constant, controlled access to all the files you’d be be able to view if you were in the office. This pairing means you could scan a document using your iPad or iPhone, then save it directly to your office’s shared storage for others to access.

How much is it and where do I get it? 

Scanner Pro by Readdle is available on iTunes for £1.99. Acronis Access is available on iTunes for free, but your company must already have an Access server set up for the solution to work. Your team can sign up for a free 21-day trial of Acronis Access here.

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