Education app of the week: Apple iPhoto for iPad

If you want to start exploring photo editing in a bit more depth than what’s offered in iPad’s built-in Photos app, then Apple’s iPhoto is a no-brainer. Especially now that it’s free! But it also has another trick up its sleeve which is great for the classroom – the new journals webpage feature!

What’s new in iPhoto for iOS?

The original version of iPhoto (Apple, £2.99/free) offered a basic journal feature, which allowed you to sequence and present your photos on an iCloud hosted webpage. The latest version (which has been updated along with all the other Apple apps on the release of iOS 7) adds the ability to insert videos as well as photos, text, sticky notes, recipes, flags and maps, along with simple structural devices such as page dividers and new pages. Think ultra-simple webpage layout and you’ll be getting close!

Apple iPhoto journals example

Once you have added all your content, you can simply move the elements around by tap-and-dragging, then all you have to do is choose the look of your journal, then share it! You can share your journal from device to device by using AirDrop, or send it to iCloud, where your journal automagically becomes a webpage that you can then share with anyone.

How can it benefit the classroom?

You can find a wide range of uses for iPhoto journals in the classroom, from building personal portfolios with text annotation, to a place for collecting all the resources for a project, and adding notes to create a plan for more extended work in other apps. Its ease of use makes it primary school-friendly, but the quality of the output means it will find favour with all key stages.

What’s the best feature?

There’s plenty to love about iPhoto, but I’d have to say the best thing is really its simplicity. It’s a really easy way to build a great looking journal and share it with others.

Where can I get it?

If you have a new iPad with the latest operating system, iOS 7 (anything registered after 1st September 2013), you can download iPhoto for free. If you’re on older devices, you can download iPhoto from the App Store or iTunes for £2.99, although that price drops to £1.49 if you’re buying more than 20 licences under VPP.

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