Worried about managing Macs? Let us take care of it…

Whether you’re a tech-savvy type confidently rolling out iPad across your sales team or a technophobe who’s just noticed that the design department are all using funny cornerless computers, you need to address the question of Mac management. The good news? The answer is incredibly simple: hand it over to us. 

Can’t I just use SCCM?

If you’re coming to Mac from a PC-only or mixed platform environment, odds are that you’re used to using SCCM to manage your Windows desktops. We have no argument there; SCCM is a fantastic solution for managing PCs. However, if you’ve ever tried to use it to manage your Macs, you’ll have noticed – or at least noticed your tech team complaining – that there’s a reduction in functionality when it comes to Macs and mobile devices, and the level of visibility and control you’ll have over machines is likely to be far below that which you’ve come to expect.

However, there are plenty of Mac-friendly solutions out there from trusted names like Absolute, Acronis and JAMF all lining up to manage your Macs and iOS devices. Some, such as VMware’s AirWatch, even support Android and Windows Phone devices as well, allowing you to control a truly multi-platform environment centrally. Some also integrate with SCCM to extend management features further to better support Mac.

What do your managed desktop and mobile device services cover?

Glad you asked! Our managed services are designed to allow you granular control over how your desktop and mobile devices are managed, without your in-house team having to find time to enforce it, or learn how to control new programs or devices as you add them, meaning you can maintain your current level of visibility without the costly and time-consuming process of hiring or retraining staff with the correct expertise. You can also reduce the hardware, licensing and setup costs associated with some solutions.

Our consultants work with you to scope out what devices you need to support, which platform they’re on and what permissions they’ll need, and then we’ll take over the deployment and management of resources and devices according to your specifications, including password and policy enforcement and profile tracking.

For Macs, we can offer:

– Asset management so that you always have an up-to-date inventory of your Mac estate.

Version control allows us to monitor which version of applications your users are on, and strategically deploy updates in order to minimise disruption and reduce support issues.

Centrally managed Mac settings so that things like server folder mounts can be configured centrally and simply.

Self service portals which allow users to choose and install approved applications, as well as software updates and drivers for printers and other office devices.

– Monitoring systems that alert users and tech support when issues like disk errors or  low capacity occur.

– Application packaging for up to ten packages per annum.

For iOS devices, we can offer:

– Activation and registration of new devices with iTunes.

Enrolment of the device to an account to bring it under management.

Configuration of the device, including applying settings to the device and configuring profiles.

Security management including locking, resetting passwords and remotely wiping data from lost or stolen devices.

App distribution, either by managing a corporate app store for users to access approved apps, or pushing updates for bespoke in-house apps. (We can also help you build your own apps.) We’ll centrally manage updates to key apps and new versions of iOS, so you can be sure everyone is working on the most compatible version.

– Inventories to ensure that you have up-to-date information on every device’s hardware, software and settings.

Backup services so you can be sure that your mobile workers’ data is secure. We can also arrange for company-wide automated backup solutions, or even arrange hosted backup if you’d prefer to keep key data offsite.

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